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Black Leadership Re-Defined

Sep 24, 2021

Host Dr. Sylvia Bartley sits down with Dr. Lonnie Johnson in his Research and Development building in Atlanta, Georgia.  Dr. Johnson is an inventor and entrepreneur. He is well known for his invention of the Super Soaker®, which became the number one selling toy in America and the Јоhnѕоn Тhеrmоеlесtrіс Еnеrgу Соnvеrtеr (ЈТЕС), аn еngіnе thаt соnvеrtѕ hеаt іntо еlесtrісіtу.  Dr. Johnson talks about his childhood in Mobile, Alabama, his early inventions, his passion for engineering, and how he overcame the odds to become an internationally recognized inventor with over 140 patents.  Dr. Johnson is inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, The National Toy Hall of Fame, The Black Inventors Hall of Fame, and The Black Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame.  He has a passion for community and anchors his work around providing opportunities for underserved children in the STEM arena—a conversation not to be missed.