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Black Leadership Re-Defined

Apr 25, 2020

CRNA certified registered nurse (anesthetist and life coach) Brig Johnson and (physical therapist, certified life coach and business mentor) TaVona Denise talk with host Dr. Sylvia Bartley about how they're adjusting to their new lifestyle during shelter in place orders, including what they and others can do as...

Apr 19, 2020

Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith Ellison talks to podcast host Dr. Sylvia Bartley about the loss of his mother to COVID-19 and the spotlight the virus is shining on the socioeconomic and racial disparities in America. Ellison also discusses the work his office is doing during this tumultuous time to...

Apr 10, 2020

The rate of hospitalization and deaths are disproportionality high among African Americans. Here’s what you need to know about reducing your risk of becoming sick with the virus.